The most appropriate assessment for any patient is one that is tailored to the individual. It is our philosophy that it is poor practice to determine in advance what tests or battery of tests are required before sufficient data is gathered.  At ABHC we obtain information from parents, teachers, and the patients before we initiate testing. After a clinical interview, and thorough review of the information gathered, a determination is made about what tests should be administered. An assessment may include psycho-educational, psychological, emotional, and neuropsychological tests, in order for it to be considered a complete and appropriate assessment. Our goal is to provide the client with a correct diagnosis (where appropriate) and detailed recommendations for addressing their concerns.


1) What is involved in a Psychological Assessment?
Psychological Assessment is a set of procedures for gathering information about an individual in order to assist in understanding a particular problem or concern. A Psychological Assessment may be undertaken to assist in identifying and understanding learning issues, difficulty with daily functioning, emotional difficulties, or behavior problems.  Procedures used during a Psychological Assessment may include questionnaires, clinical interview, paper and pencil tests, achievement tests, and cognitive tests (such as memory tests, IQ tests, or verbal ability tests).

2) What can I expect when the assessment is completed?
You will receive a written report and attend a feedback session to review the results of your assessment. The written report will summarize the information gathered, test scores and results, and explain your test scores. Your report will also contain a set of recommendations.

3) How long does an assessment take?
The initial visit is 1 to 1.5 hours. Test administration takes from 5 to 8 hours, and the feedback session is 1 hour.  Test administration may require two morning sessions.

4) How much does it cost?
Please see our “About” page for current pricing.

5) Will insurance cover my assessment?
Some insurance plans do cover some aspects of a psychological assessment. However, many insurance plans do not, and some plans that do offer coverage restrict what procedures may be used and the length of the assessment.  Clients who would like to be reimbursed by their insurance company are encouraged to call the plan administrator.  ABHC will provide the necessary paperwork for filing with your insurance company.